This will provide you an estimate of what I will charge you for preparing your tax return.  The following is a list of the most commonly filed forms.  Forms not listed do have charges associated with them.  It is not intended nor should you assume, this will be your actual charge for me preparing your tax return.  For Schedule C businesses the following costs assume you provide sales, inventory, and cost per category totals

Partnerships, Corporations, and Trusts please call for pricing.



If married filing separate and I do both returns the second return is discounted $25

Per item charges;

$3 for per each:

Spouse, dependent, W-2, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1098, 1099-R, SS Statement

$5 for the following:

Each item on a 1099-B (Sale of stocks, bonds, mutual funds)


Form Charges

1040             $70        Federal  Income Tax Return

Sch.           $70        Itemized Deductions

Sch.  B          $15        Reporting of Interest and Dividend income above $1,500

Sch.  D          $10        Capital gains and losses on sales

Sch. EIC        $35        Earned income credit – (for adults)

Sch. EIC        $42        Earned income credit – (for children)

2106-EZ        $15        Non-reimbursed business expense deduction

2106             $25        Non-reimbursed business expense deduction

2441             $25        Day care expense credit

3903             $15        Moving expense deduction

5405             $25        First time home buyer 15 year interest free loan (purchases after April 8 2008)

6251             $25        Alternative minimum tax

8812             $17        Addition child tax credit

8889             $25        Health Saving Account

OH IT-1040   $25        State of Ohio Tax Return
OH SD 100    $15        School District Tax Return

City               $15        All city tax returns           

Out of State  $35        State Tax returns from other States

Individuals That Have a Business or Rental Property

Sch.  C-EZ     $40        Sole Proprietor

Sch.  C          $75        Sole Proprietor (prices can also be greater than $75)

4562             $15        Depreciation of property (+ $10 per each new item depreciated in the current year)

Sch.-SE         $12         Self-Employment Tax Calculation

Sch.  E          $60         Rental Property (cost per property)



Married couple with two children                             (spouse, 2 dependents)                                    $9

both husband and wife work.                                    (they will file form 1040)                                $70

One is self-employed                                                (Sch. C $75 & Sch. SE $12)                              $87

The other works for a company.                                (W-2)                                                                 $3

They have day care expenses,                                  (form 2441)                                                      $25

 A checking acct. that earned interest                      (1099-int)                                                           $3

They own their own house                                        (1098 mtg. int. $3, Sch. A $70)                        $73

Lived in Ohio all year                                                (OH It-1040)                                                     $25

Lived in Liberty township with 43065 zip code         (no charge, did not live in Powell)                     $0

They live in Buckeye Valley School District              (OH SD-100)                                                     $15        


Total                                                                                                                                                 S 310