Want to Use My Services - Here is What is Needed

I will need a signed engagement letter.  The following is my engagement letter in PDF format.  Please open, print, and sign

Engagement Letter

Next, print out the following organizer.  Please answer the questions, fill out the forms,  and gather the information requested.

General Information

Questions 1 - 33

Questions 34 - 74

You can now either:
1) Schedule an appointment to drop off your information.  I will be asking you some questions over the phone to ensure you bring everything that I need.
2) Fax me the information, we will then have a phone conversation where I may ask for additional information.

I will then prepare your tax return.

Finally we set an appointment so we can go over your return, you can sign it, and pay for may services.  We can also do this over the phone if you want.